“Free Falling” – Trusting in God

Free Falling

Can you imagine driving and letting go of the steering wheel?  It takes a lot of guts and courage to keep your hands off the wheel because you know what might happen.   Or can you imagine free falling out of a plane without a parachute?  If you find yourself falling into a thick forest, would you try to grab onto the branches to break your fall?

In life, when you get scared or panic, maybe even feel paralyzed, often times you’ll want to take control of a situation.  Just like falling into a thick forest, you try to grab onto the branches, but they break.  So where is God in all your situations?  Are you in control of your life, or do you want God in control? Do you truly trust God with your life or are you more concerned about satisfying your needs and desires instead of waiting for what God wanted? Continue Reading

Memorial Day

Arlington Cemetary

On Memorial Day, many celebrate the three day weekend to party, have barbecues, enjoy the beginning of summer, have a good time and etc.  But we need to remember that on this day, we should take a moment of silence to mourn and to remember those who had fallen for our country.  We wouldn’t be here without the soldiers.  Memorial Day is about men and women who gave their best.  They did what they were called to do to protect the nation, our nation. Continue Reading

Loving God with All Your Strength


Loving God with All Your Strength

Loving God with all your strength means having an intimate relationship with Him and having that constant awareness that we are walking with Him.  We should go through our day with the awareness of serving and pleasing Him.  We should offer ourselves as living sacrifices and not be conformed to this world. Continue Reading

When you are weak, He is strong

Rely on His Strength

The word “weak” (in Greek, “asthenéō”) means lacking in strength; not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain; not able to resist external force or withstand attack.

One of my many weaknesses is overcoming bad habits which I’ve held onto for years.  Through my own confidence and my own strength, I’ve tried to get a good handle on them, but within a couple of hours, or a couple of days, I revert back to my old ways.  Have you done the same?  Perhaps you have anxieties or struggles that you thought you had a handle on, but later found that the weight is back on your shoulders?  Do you feel discouraged or hopeless after tireless attempts to control your temper, selfish impulses, or bad thoughts?  Maybe your struggles are caused by physical, emotional or spiritual exhaustion?  Perhaps you feel that your resources have been drained? Continue Reading

The Pursuit of Life

Got Faith?

Romans 7:14-19

What are you pursuing in life?  Are you seeking to truly know the Lord… or is this an area that needs greater priority in your life?  Are you pursuing your desires or God’s desires?  God’s greatest desire is for you to know Him, but to know Him yourself is to dive into His Word.

For me — I sometimes make decisions because of what I desire, not what the Lord desires.  At times, I don’t think ahead of the consequences.  So what’s the issue?   I lack loyalty in the Lord and His Word. Continue Reading