Happy 4th of July!! An Oration by John Quincy Adams on July 4, 1837

Oration by John Quincy Adams - July 4 1837In honor of our country’s Independence Day this weekend, I thought I’d share a portion of an oration given by John Quincy Adams that he gave on July 4, 1837.  It’s fitting for anyone who’s interested in learning more about our Christian heritage in this county.

This oration by John Quincy Adams came from a very resourceful book by David Barton from Wallbuilders, “WallBuilders is an organization dedicated to presenting America’s forgotten history”. See bottom of this post for a PDF copy of the entire oration.

“In John Quincy Adams’ oration on July 4, 1837, he first chronicled what led up to the Declaration of Independence and expounded on the subsequent development of American government, including the Articles of Confederation and then the Constitution. He reminded Americans of fundamental principles: of how liberty was a gift from God and therefore why the Founders intended for slavery eventually to be abolished; and of how union was a first principle and therefore why secession and disunion were abhorrent to the Founders and should be repugnant to every generation. Adams’ oration is an inspiring look at the reason that the Fourth of July had become such a celebrated day in America—a day on which we looked into our past history, and also a day when we looked at our present responsibilities and renewed our pledge to preserve the trust that had been given us by God and by our Founders.[1] Continue Reading