Consequences of Complacency

Isaiah 32:9-11, “Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech. 10 In a year and some days you will be troubled, you complacent women; for the vintage will fail, the gathering will not come. 11 Tremble, you women who are at ease; be troubled, you complacent ones; strip yourselves, make yourselves bare, and gird sackcloth on your waists.” NKJV

The word complacent is used three times in verses 9, 10 and 11.  It means, self-satisfied and unconcerned, a sense of having arrived of not needing much else.


qō me nā(h);  to raise up, to arise

Isaiah 32:9, “Rise up, you women who are at ease; hear my voice, you complacent daughters; give ear to my speech.”

Why does Isaiah say this? Isaiah ministered in a day when his people needed the courage of hope, just as we do today.  Isaiah addressed a group of women in Jerusalem who cared little about the political signs of the times, which was the threat of Assyrian invasion.  They weren’t worried about anything. They represent the kind of happiness that will kill us—earthly contentment, with no longings for God. They lived their lives of unrestrained gratification and perceived peace when God’s Spirit had identified turmoil.

Isaiah challenged the women to take heed of the current political situation – to get up, rise up!  He had a significant message that would affect their lives in the coming year. Before their next harvest could be safe and securely stored in Jerusalem, life in Jerusalem would become terrifying. The reason the harvest would fail is left unstated, but if the Assyrian army occupied the land of Judah, they would use the harvest to feed themselves and their presence would prevent anyone from planting for the next year.

You see, Isaiah had a special burden for the careless women of the land (see Isaiah 3:16).  And at that time, the women were living at ease, complacent and self-confident as God’s judgment was about to fall.

If spoken in today’s times, Isaiah would say, “Women, don’t you realize that while you are celebrating your freedom, the country is falling apart?” “You should be wearing sackcloth in sorrow and humility. Instead, you’re dressed for a party.”  Any society whose women begin to lose their moral compass and show off their sensuality is headed for big trouble.

Now God says that in the days prior to the Tribulation period, women will become so insensible that they will not recognize that danger is coming. It’s very interesting to see that in Isaiah’s time, women were living in pleasure in that they had no sense of the coming judgment, which is exactly like what is happening today.

Isaiah 32:12-15, “12 People shall mourn upon their breasts for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine.  13 On the land of my people will come up thorns and briers, yes, on all the happy homes in the joyous city; 14 Because the palaces will be forsaken, the bustling city will be deserted.  The forts and towers will become lairs forever, a joy of wild donkeys, a pasture of flocks— 15 Until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field, and the fruitful field is counted as a forest.” NKJV

Isaiah encouraged the women to lament (express grief) (32:11–12) by taking off their fancy clothes, putting on sackcloth, beating their breast in agony, and mourning. The reason they should lament is that they will not enjoy the next harvest (32:10); instead, the land will be overgrown with thorns.  The city and fortress on Jerusalem’s Ophel hill will be empty, and animals will be wandering around the pastureland that is now their city.

These are common images of military defeat, which often involved the total destruction of the agricultural economy and fortified urban centers. This means that the life of luxury that these women have enjoyed will end, and the political alliances that were supposed to protect the people of Jerusalem will not protect them. If this is true, the Isaiah’s audience should begin mourning immediately, for they will not enjoy the wonderful days when the righteous king reigns (Isaiah 32:1–8) unless they do something immediately (such as repenting, as in Isaiah 31:6–7) to stop this disaster from falling on Jerusalem.

Because the Lord would mercifully and mightily deliver Jerusalem from destruction at the hand of the Assyrians, this prophecy would see fulfillment when the Jews were carried into captivity to Babylon in 586 b.c.

But judgment is not the last word. God is promising to pour out His Spirit upon us with life-enriching abundance. This is a major theme in the prophecy of Isaiah. The renewal of God’s people is central to his message. The Spirit of God would ultimately be poured out on the people.

When will the Spirit be poured out? The Spirit will be poured out during the Millennium when Christ reigns. That is going to be the greatest time of spiritual blessing and turning to Christ, for at that time He will be reigning in person.

My dear friends don’t be complacent!  God despises complacency.  The Lord is the only true source of security for His people. Isaiah predicted trouble ahead for God’s people!

Zechariah 1:14-15, “So the angel who was speaking with me said to me, “Proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts, “I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion. “But I am very angry with the nations who are at ease; for while I was only a little angry, they furthered the disaster.”

Complacency is a sin.  Complacency is encountered almost everywhere among Christians these days, and its presence is a sign and a prophecy. For every Christian will become at last what her desires have made her.

James 4:17, “Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

Proverbs 1:32-33, “For the waywardness of the naive will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them.  But he who listens to me shall live securely and will be at ease from the dread of evil.”

We have a choice about the kind of woman we want to become.  No one can make that choice for us.  Which path do you desire?   Proverbs 4:18 tells us, “The path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.”

We live in an age when we don’t have to look far to find things that Satan know will appeal to us. Do we value the pleasures of the world or those that come from God?  The opportunities for sin are all around us.  The sinful nature within us and the demonic forces that influence us give us numerous opportunities. This should cause you to rise up and take action!

If we belong to the Lord, our lives should not be characterized by instability, immaturity and complacency.  Satan wants us to sin so that we will be like him. If we let him, he will disrupt our fellowship with God.  He seeks to divide and destroy.  He wants us to be like him in his rebellion and independence.

God wants us to renounce evil and be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we will be like His Son.  But at the end of the day it is we who do what we want to do.  Let’s take ownership of our own sins and desires and ask the Lord to keep us filled with the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 5:19, “And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit.”


qō me nā(h);  to raise up, to arise


Your sister in Yeshua

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  1. This was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. It truly was a word from God. Sincerely, C

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