Delicious Latin American Rice

Cuban Rice

This recipe came from a friend in Los Angeles.  Originally, I was told this recipe came from Cuba, but this isn’t true.  While I’m unsure of its origin, I was told it has a hint of Latin flair to it.  It’s a simple recipe calling for rice, onions, garlic, coil fideo, chicken bouillon and water.  It’s very flavorful and versatile and can go with many kinds of dishes.  This rice is really good!






Close up of rice and coiled fideo






¼ cup of olive oil

½ onion chopped into thin slices

2 cloves of garlic chopped

Coil Fideo noodles (4 coils)

3 cups of extra long grain rice

6 cups of water (2 cups of water per cup of rice)

3 teaspoons of chicken bouillon (1 teaspoon per cup of rice)

Salt (to taste)

Large pan with lid

Rinse the rice until the water becomes clear.  Drain the rice completely and place in a bowl.

Rince the rice





Clear water from rinsing





Heat the olive oil in a large deep pan over medium high heat.  Add the sliced onions and sauté for about 10 minutes.  Just before the onion begins to brown, add the garlic and continue sautéing for a couple of minutes.

saute onion





Saute sliced onion and garlic





Crush each of the coiled fideo noodles with your hand and add to the pan  and continue sautéing until the noodles become golden brown.

Crush coil fideo and add to pan





saute coil fideo





Add 6 cups of water into the pan and 3 tablespoons of chicken bouillon.  Bring water to a boil.  Let the water boil first before you add the rice in the pan.

add water





Boil water





After you add the rice, let the water come to a boil again, then cover the pan and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Add rice






Cuban Rice

Optional – Toasted almonds would be a great addition to the rice.  Yum!

Cuban rice with toasted almonds

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